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We are not using this website any more. If you wish to join TAC, contact Ivienn.6354 in game.

Welcome to Thorin And Company!

Greetings! This is the official website for the GW2 Guild Thorin And Company [TAC].

Full website access is only available to members in the guild already signed up to this website.

For existing members in [TAC], please register to this site by making a Shivtr account and then applying. Make sure that you choose the option "Yes" to already being a member, and please answer other questions to help give us feedback.

For players that are not in [TAC] but wish to be, please follow the above instructions but instead choosing the option "No" to being in the guild. Alternatively, you can whisper or mail any of our officers in regards to joining us.

All applications should include your in-game account or character name so that we know who you are.

Please read our guild rules

We hope you enjoy being in [TAC], feel free to post anything (SFW) on the forums!